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   + We are going to release new products to the Afghan market in a short period of time. With our new products mobility will be our No: 1 priority. Speed surf the net from wherever you want in the city empowering you to speed surf the net wherever you are. In your car, at the airport, while sipping coffee in a restaurant. You can check emails or co-ordinate with your workplace even before you get there. //

Please browse through our navigational menu, to read about all our activities. We are active in several fields such as Design of Building, Architectural Drawing, Design of Road, Design of MHP, Water Supply Network, Irrigation System and development & Construction of infrastructure projects, we have complete lab of soil kit asphalt kit and concrete kit. Through this website you will be able to get a clear view on our activities in Afghanistan.

Unique Noori Engineering and Construction Company offers construction and maintenance solutions throughout Afghanistan; Our Company has been firmly grounded by a strong set of values: honesty, fairness, hard work, performance and a love of what we do.

UN ECC has developed a tailored scope of services for each project based on the specific needs of customers.

We've built and completed some projects; we've developed something valuable to you: a true client's perspective. No other construction company has a better understanding of the concerns of owners, managers and donors. No other construction company has our extensive financial, managerial, administrative and accounting skills, skills rarely found in the construction business, but so important in complex budgeting and scheduling.

Unique Noori Engineering and construction Company has been a free standing construction company with a comprehensive array of in house services that help streamline your project including feasibility studies, value engineering construction and construction management. Our unique qualifications and clear insight have brought us great success job after job...............success we'd like to share with you.
We have planed resident offices throughout Afghanistan with excellent managerial staff. Our resident offices will be fully equipped with designers, estimators, quality control and professional engineers who provide the capability of working in different sites at a time. We have representatives in the United States of America, who provide us with technical support and a transfer of new technology

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