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Kabul women’s farm store is newly established in Kabul province of Afghanistan in the year 2009 under the direction of professional team of women who are responsible of AFSA Association.

By the help of almighty Allah and effective collaboration and decision of a number of skilled afghan staff we fortunately succeeded to set up the foundation of a Women’s Agricultural Farm Store with the clear complete and standardized methods and rule/ regulation under the tide of AFSA in accordance with the disciplinary rules of UN and other international and national agencies.

Kabul women’s farm store consists of four qualified and experienced staff members mostly Afghans.

Kabul women’s farm store group is working for the welfare, reconstruction of our beloved and war torn country to contribute in rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country through its Agricultural services for Afghan Women.

Our aim is empowering afghan women folk to participate in economic and productive activities. Kabul Women’s farm store as a women operated farm store is established in 2009 with the main objective to improve agricultural status of afghan women through their direct involvement in economic interactions in Kabul province. We will work there in a team for making the Farm store very successful. Presently the Kabul Women Farm Store is registered with Ministry of Agriculture.


Our main office is in Kabul and we will soon open our branches in other provinces in by the help of AFSA project. the women headed house holds especially from the rural are the most suffering segment of the afghan society as they are mostly Unskilled.

So therefore we will soon take into consideration skills trainings for Afghan women, and support them through selling their products in our Farm store it also helps improving our farm store.

Afghan traditions and customs have given a special position to women in the community but the circumstances have been changed for them now. They have to work in order to involve in community and feed their dependents. Presently Kabul women’s farm store has 4 qualified staff members; prime motive behind the formation of Kabul women’s farm store is to improve Agricultural status of afghan needy women and widows through their direct involvement in the profit making activities skill training and provision of basic facilities.

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