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   + We are going to release new products to the Afghan market in a short period of time. With our new products mobility will be our No: 1 priority. Speed surf the net from wherever you want in the city empowering you to speed surf the net wherever you are. In your car, at the airport, while sipping coffee in a restaurant. You can check emails or co-ordinate with your workplace even before you get there. //

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Content Management System Development
Rahimee Hewad Ltd Provides aims to provide a centralize way of managing the  site content that tends to get changed on the demand and need of time. We provide the quality web application with full features Content Management System with the best of maintaining your need in track. Following are some of the benefits you get after the development of this application :

  • Decentralized maintenance.
    Based on a common web browser. Editing anywhere, anytime removes bottlenecks.
  • Designed with non-technical content authors in mind.
    People with average knowledge of word processing can create the content directly. No HTML knowledge needed.
  • Configurable access restrictions.
    Users are assigned roles and permissions that prevent them from editing content which they are not authorized to change.  
  • Consistency of design is preserved.
    Because content is stored separate from design, the content from all authors is presented with the same, consistent design.
  • Navigation is automatically generated and adjusted.
    Menus are typically generated automatically based on the database content and links will not point to non-existing pages.
  • Content is stored in a database.
    Central storage means that content can be reused in many places on the website and formatted for any device (web browser, mobile phone/WAP, PDA, print).
  • Dynamic content.
    Extensions like forums, polls, shopping applications, searching, news management are typically modules.
  • Cooperation.
    Encourages faster updates, generates accountability for authored content (logs) and cooperation between authors.
  • Content scheduling.
    Content publication can often be time-controlled, hidden for later use or require user login with password.

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